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Win Chemicals Ltd. and Vitech International Inc.

The following products are available in North America and are compliant with TSCA and DSL. For more information, please contact us



1113 is a highly effective acid inhibitor for use in Vitech and Win BJSi formulae.

120NF  20X Bacilox

A sporified, bacillus based formula for use in grease trap, drain and sump odor maintenance.

VOC exempt synthetic aromatic hydrocarbon with a flashpoint of 175F that provides rapid solubilization of bitumen and heavy oils while remaining cost effective.


Non-flammable, VOC exempt solvent with a flashpoint of 225F that is a price stable extender or replacement for d-limonene.



A quaternary ammonium based surfactant for emulsification of mineral seal oil and other hydrocarbons for use in transportation rinse aids.


Part of the Acid Replacement Technology family, A85 is a safe, low pH organic salt used primarily as a low cost of acidity, a pH adjuster, and is an effective companion acid for other Win technologies. It aids in brightening of aluminum and can also replace certain mineral acids in some applications. A85 is classified as non-irritant to skin and is non-fuming.


AFA is a silicone free, anti-fog additive for glass cleaner formulas. This economical additive can be post added to most traditional glass cleaners or used with Win and Vitech VOC exempt glass cleaning technology, EGM.



ALB is a safe, DOT non-regulated alternative to hydrofluoric acid and other traditional acids. It is an effective aluminum brightener and oxidation remover, while also being very effective at removing complex silicates.



APW replaces hydrofluoric, ammonium bifluoride and other traditional acids. Especially effective at cleaning rust and iron salts. Excellent as a wheel cleaner to remove brake and wheel dust.



ARO is a unique and effective odor control that neutralizes odors on soft surfaces. It is simple to formulate and especially effective for elimination of ammonia, amines, and thio-organics.


An amphoteric coupling agent/hydrotrope for solubilizing nonionic surfactants into highly alkaline/caustic systems.


ASM is a durable fluorinated surface protector for resisting oil, water and stains on soft surfaces. It is highly effective on carpet, upholstery and leather.  



BJSi is a proprietary, low pH, organic salt used to replace traditional mineral and organic acids. Win and Vitech BJSi can remove calcium carbonate 50-80% more effectively than phosphoric, citric, and glycolic with additional safety, shipping and handling benefits. Ideal for formulating a green, Safer Choice or Green Seal® approved product, BJSi is phosphate free, VOC exempt and a low contributor to BOD/COD in effluents.



Completely renewable carbon-based surfactant, excellent for laundry and floor formulations.


An excellent hypochlorite stable hydrotrope.


A hypochlorite bleach stable surfactant used to build viscosity or provide wetting in chlorine bleach systems.  Typically, BVM is used in conjunction with ILBT, another product used to build viscosity in bleach.  It will produce high levels of foam and can therefore be a useful secondary surfactant in some cleaner formulations, especially those using Q3 or eQi technology.



BW is an additive to enhance whitening in systems containing percarbonate, peroxide or hypochlorite. Use BW, at a low use level, to maintain whitening properties with lower hypochlorite concentrations.



CHD4 is a naturally derived surfactant for producing hand dish or hand soap formulations. Use CHD4 to produce foaming, lotion or gel hand soaps. Create green formulations to meet Green Seal, USDA Biobased Program and EcoLogo certification programs.



CK is an emulsifier for producing cold batch, solvent based, waterless hand cleaners. Hand cleaners formulated with CK exhibit outstanding high and low temperature stability, enhanced cleaning and rinsing properties.



CTD100 is a surfactant silicone copolymer that acts as a gloss aid in multiple cleaning applications including household retail cleaners as well as auto detail products.



CVS is a paraffinic hydrocarbon which optimizes solvency, flash point, odour, environmental profile and price.  It demonstrates good solvency with respect to bitumen. The product is virtually odourless, has a flash point of 180F and is readily biodegradable.  Furthermore, it can be used in very cold environments, as it boasts a pour point of less than -90F.



Partially fluorinated acrylic polymer for use in solvent based protectorant products.


DAN is a non-ionic, virtually odorless, high foaming surfactant with an excellent enviromental profile, capable of being used in green certified formulae including glass and all-purpose cleaners. DAN is primarily used for its' foaming and hydrotroping properties. For improved foam stability, add BW.



DLR is a highly effective and cost stable solvent excellent for use in many applications where d-Limonene has been the primary solvent. It also demonstrates extraordinary surface activity. 



DRP2 is a substantive, hydrophilic polymer system that reduces soil adhesion on surfaces. As a result of the reduced soil adhesion, DRP treated surfaces remain cleaner for a longer period of time. Use DRP2 on surfaces including glass, ceramics and acrylics.



Environmentally friendly chelate with excellent dispersive properties.


EGM is a polymeric surfactant system for producing VOC exempt glass cleaners and multi-surface cleaners. Formulate a cleaner without solvents, glycol ethers or ammonia that will pass current Green Seal® and EcoLogo protocols.



A recent member to the Q family of readily biodegradable, high performance surfactants, eQi is a highly economical surfactant with the outstanding wetting and detergency typical of the Q surfactant family. Ideal for applications where particulate and carbonaceous soils are an issue, eQi was designed and tested for the cleaning challenges in the oil fields but is economical enough for everyday use in transportation, food service, and all purpose cleaning. 



ES1 is a non-ionic, surfactant system for extremely high electrolyte/high alkaline systems. Ideal for formulating concentrates, ES1 provides good degreasing and rinsing.



Synthetic hydrocarbon based chemistry for asphalt extraction and cleaning.


Superior hydrotrope where high foam is needed.


HNA is used for natural products to meet Green Seal® and EcoLogo approval. Specifically for use with BJSi, HNA addresses the issue of discolouration which can occur on the surface of certain metals in spray ‘n wipe applications.



ILBT (in line bleach thickener) is a surfactant blend used to build thixotropic viscosity in sodium, lithium, and potassium hypochlorites. ILBT has exceptional chlorine and viscosity stability, while providing foaming, wetting, and detergency.



IPB4 is a synthetic detergent polymer chelating system for producing a daily shower cleaner or outdoor window cleaner. Provides an invisible barrier that reduces hard water spotting, hard water build-up and soap scum.



iQLF is our best low foaming technology in the Q family.  The product has a truly remarkable degree of detergency as compared to both low foam surfactants and many foaming surfactants.  It produces a low level of foam at all temperatures when formulated properly, even when used at high levels of shear.  iQLF technology allows users to reduce the temperature of cleaning and level of alkalinity in light of the exceptional detergency profile.



JK50 is an outstanding hydrotroping/coupling surfactant for use in high alkaline/caustic systems. In many cases, JK50 is a lower cost material than other similar products, while also requiring lower use levels to achieve comparable performance. Excellent environmental profile and lower foam characteristics.



A high foaming hydrotrope that results in a very mild feel to skin.


LCF produces a shaving cream type foam in aerated systems. Perfect for producing a low cost dish formula, hand formula or laundry formula.



LFQ is a low foam surfactant with outstanding wetting and powerful detergency, while maintaining low foam at all temperatures. It is acid, alkaline, and peroxide stable, while also having no chloride or salt, making it extremely versatile. Readily biodegradable and VOC exempt, LFQ opens up new opportunities to reduce costs, energy use, and potentially alkalinity.



LPB (liquid pseudomonas, bacteria), utilizes a patented cell stabilization technology that allows for extended shelf life of live vegetative microbes. These bacteria require no germination time and demonstrate an exceptional degradative ability in consuming animal and vegetable fats, oils, and greases. LPB is unparalled in degrading petroleum hydrocarbons.



M5 is an acid replacement technology that can be shipped non-regulated via air, marine and ground. Used to replace traditional minerals and organic acids, M5 can effectively remove insoluble salts while still safe on most metals. Excellent shipping, safety and handling benefits.



ME80 is a one component emulsifier to produce thermodynamically stable micro-emulsions. Easy to use, cost effective and works with a wide range of solvents.



Fully formulated mineral seal oil based automotive drying agent concentrate.


MSI is a proprietary additive for use with BJSi and hydrochloric acid to minimize the potential for discoloration on certain metals when used in spray ‘n’ wipe applications.



NHD2 is a naturally derived surfactant for producing dioxane-free hand dish and hand soap formulations capable of meeting Green Seal, EcoLogo, and USDA BioPreferred program standards.



NLS90 is a naturally derived surfactant system for laundry and pre-spotter, floor cleaners and hand dish applications. Formulate laundry detergents for top loading or high efficiency front loading machines, a low cost dish formula or a high dilution floor cleaner with the versatility of NLS90. Stable in peroxide.



NQ3 is a “naturally derived” version of Q3 which has identical physical and performance characteristics of Q3 with a bio-based content of 48%.  It is a highly efficient surfactant with remarkable wetting and detergency properties which allow for VOC exempt degreaser formulations, without sacrificing performance.  It is highly effective under dilution and stable in acids, alkali and peroxides.  In addition, the environmental profile is exceptional and the chemistry is listed on the Cleangredients list. 



NSA is a 100% active non-silicone additive for solvent based tire/vinyl dressings. Perfect in places where silicones cannot be tolerated.


A foaming bucket wash concentrate with superior water beading properties that leaves a durable, wax-like finish. Easy to formulate with and thickens on dilution. NSW4 is also DEA and NPE free!



OET is a unique and effective odor control that neutralizes odors on a variety of surfaces. It is simple to formulate and especially effective for elimination of ammonia, amines, and thio-organics. 



OFC/OFC-PF are fully formulated Mineral Seal Oil free automotive drying agent concentrates. OFC/OFC-PF offers many benefits including superior water sheeting/beading properties. For the added benefit of being phenol ethoxylate free, choose OFC-PF.



OFS is a patented Mineral Seal Oil replacement that can be formulated at similar costs to Mineral Seal Oil based systems without the problems caused by variations in Mineral Seal Oil.



A high foaming hydrotroping surfactant with corrosion inhibition properties in certain acidic formulae.


OGNTS is a one component emulsifier for producing pH neutral solvent micro-emulsions. Formulate with a broad range of solvents.



OSP is a polymer system specially designed to create an invisible protective barrier on hard surfaces. It is an excellent additive for outdoor window cleaning. 



PF2 is a surfactant system developed for triple/poly foamers and clear coat protectorants. It also significantly aids in the drying process.


PPS is a nonionic surfactant developed for use in transportation pre-soaks, wheel cleaners and hard surface cleaners. Formulate a cost-effective 1 or 2 step system that removes road film and brake dust. A formulation of PPS and ALB (Win Chemicals and Vitech International’s acid technology) provides exceptional performance on removing windshield eyebrows.



PS is a modified silicone emulsion for producing polishes on granite, natural stone and synthetic countertops.



Q3 is a readily biodegradable surfactant system that provides superior penetration and removal of oily/greasy particulate soils. Formulate a green, GreenSeal® or EcoLogo approved cleaner with Q3. With an outstanding environmental profile, Q3 contains no alkyl phenol ethoxylates. Stable in acids, alkali and hydrogen peroxide.



An important member of the Q family of readily biodegradable, high performance surfactants, QHD is designed for heavy duty degreasing or ready to use all-purpose cleaners.  It is the most powerful of the Q surfactants but should be used at use levels of 0.25% or higher in order to be highly effective.



QnG is a superior degreasing surfactant system derived from natural feedstocks. It provides the superior penetration and removal of oily/greasy particulate soils of Q3 but where natural feedstocks are desired. Stable in acids, alkali and hydrogen peroxide.



Unique surfactant blend used in aqueous based cleaning.


Use as a drop-in replacement for 91-6/ 91-8 alcohol ethoxylate or similar chemistries.


RXA is a unique, reactive silicon based product for producing hydrophobic properties on hard surfaces. It chemically binds to the surface to produce a durable protective coating. 



SCP is a silicone/surfactant developed for water based stainless steel cleaners & polishes and furniture polishes. Perfect for spray, wipe and gel applications, SCP dries to a durable finish with an improved streak and smear profile compared to traditional silicone and Mineral Oil Systems.



SQS is a silicone quaternary that provides enhanced water beading properties in automotive oil/solvent based drying agents. Also a great choice for use in clear coat protectorants, sealer waxes, triple/poly foamers and wash ‘n’ wax.



Superior surfactant system for use in acidic based formulae for soap scum removal.

Stirmox E

A high foaming amphoteric surfactant for use in multiple cleaning applications.


A high active, silicone modified wash & wax concentrate that provides exceptional vehicle shine.


TSR is a powdered absorbent system for producing oil stain removers, coating removers and sweeping compounds. Use TSR for exceptional oil and grease lifting from porous substrates. Simply pour it on the spot, let dry and sweep/brush off.



Stable multi-spore culture concentrate for water, waste, and surface treatment.


WA is a silicone/surfactant system used as a windshield washer fluid additive. WA provides water beading/sheeting properties.


WSP is a specially designed fluoro surfactant for creating surfaces that resist soils and staining. It is perfect for formulating granite, concrete or tile and grout sealers.



Specially designed fluoro surfactant for creating surfaces that resist soils and staining.


VOC exempt synthetic aromatic hydrocarbon with a flashpoint of 175F that provides rapid solubilization of bitumen and heavy oils while remaining cost effective.

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Non-flammable, VOC exempt solvent with a flashpoint of 225F that is a price stable extender or replacement for d-limonene.

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